Tips for Throwing a Great Football Party

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FootballFootball season is finally here. And to celebrate, many people are hosting football parties. If you plan on throwing one, here are a few tips to help makes yours a success.

Make Sure You Can Access the Game You Want to Watch

First and foremost, always make sure you can access the game you want to watch. Not every game is shown in every area, and some games may be blacked out locally if the game is not a sellout. The last thing you want is to invite friends over to watch the big game, only to find out you can't watch it in your apartment home. Do your research and find out what games will be shown. 

Decorate With Fun Party Decorations

When hosting a football party, always decorate your place with fun party decorations. Party supply stores, grocery stores, and even dollar stores have fun and festive decorations, including football plates, football field tablecloths, and festive football-themed party trays. 

Have Plenty of Food on Hand

A football party can quickly come to a halt if you run out of food. Always make sure you have plenty of food on hand when you are hosting a football party. Consider putting out a variety of food, including vegetables, chips, pretzels and sweets to ensure there is a variety of foods and plenty for everyone. Most party planners recommend having about a pound of food per person on hand and 1/2 pound per child. 

Make Sure Your Guests Can Make it Home Safely

Lastly, if you plan on serving alcohol, make sure your guests have a way to make it home safely. Either designate a driver, or use a ride-sharing app if need be. Never let anyone drive home drunk after a party. 

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