5 Ways to Develop a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

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BedHumans require between seven and nine hours of sound sleep each night in order to live healthy, productive lives. Unfortunately, getting to sleep at a decent time is a challenge for some and can cause groggy mornings and tired days. 

With this in mind, this article presents six essential ways to develop your own relaxing bedtime routine. Using these tips will help you get to sleep efficiently and have a sound rest every single night.

Top Tips for a Better Bedtime Routine

1) Do the hard stuff before getting sleepy. 

Never do hard tasks right before bed. Once you get home from work or school, your first intuition is to relax. That's expected, but it's not productive. Instead, get the essential stuff done while you're still in work mode. You're only going to get more tired as the night wears on!

2) Set a bedtime for yourself. 

To do this, start by deciding exactly when you need to get up the following day. Then, beginning with that number, rewind between seven and nine hours. Once you decide on your bedtime, rewind one more hour: This is when you need to start your bedtime routine each night.

3) Dim the lights and ditch the screens. 

During your one-hour bedtime routine, make screens off limits. This includes TVs, computers, tablet devices and phones. Screens simulate light from the sun, and humans are predisposed to not be sleepy when the sun's out. 

4) Avoid eating and drinking during your routine. 

During this "final hour," most eating and drinking should be off limits too. Not only can your body's digestion process keep you awake, but drinks that are caffeinated will certainly keep you wired when you should be drifting off.

5) Create a relaxing setting for yourself. 

You can do a few extra things to help your mind quiet down and your body relax. For example, you might dab a drop of lavender essential oil on a kerchief and put it beneath your pillow. You could take a bubble bath. If you're sore at night, consider doing some light stretching before getting into bed.

Getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night is essential for health, happiness and keeping up with a busy routine. And getting a good night’s sleep is always much easier when you have an excellent apartment with your own well-appointed bedroom. 

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