4 Ways to Save Energy and Reduce Utility Costs

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UnplugOur Dallas apartments are very energy efficient, but that doesn't mean your summer AC and winter heating needs won't make your electric bill go up in those months. Whether you want to watch your spending or help save the environment, here are some ways you can lessen the blow.

1. Adjust the Temperature While You're Away or Asleep

You don't need to run your air conditioner 24/7. Turning the thermostat up a few degrees while you're at work or asleep can put a big dent in your energy costs. You may have heard to leave your AC running all day to keep it from working harder to catch up when you turn it back on. Actually, if it's turning on and off all day, it runs more and uses more energy than a single, slightly longer cycle to cool your apartment when you return home.

2. Ceiling Fans Are for When You're in the Room

Even though ceiling fans make you feel cooler, they don't change the room temperature. It's the airflow against your skin that makes you feel cooler just like a breeze does when you're outside. Leaving a fan running when you leave the room only wastes electricity just like leaving the lights on when you leave.

3. Cut Your Oven Use During the Summer

A well-insulated oven can still add as much heat to your home as having a fireplace going. When summer hits, cut back on your baking and switch to outdoor grilling. If you need to cook or reheat smaller portions, consider using a toaster oven instead. If you do want to bake, getting an early morning start or waiting until dusk when the sun isn't beating on your home can lessen the heat your air conditioner has to fight off.

4. Use Smart Power Strips

Did you know the chargers for your phone, computer, and other gadgets always use electricity even when your device isn't plugged in? You're basically leaving a light on 24/7 without even realizing it. Smart power strips automatically turn off when not in use to stop this energy waste.

Want to learn more about how you can save energy in your Dallas apartment? Give us a call today.

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