Not The Only Choice, But the Best One

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Luxury apartments for rent in Dallas, Texas: Let’s be honest, you’ve got choices. However, the best choice of all might be Gramercy On The Park, and that’s due in no small part to the sweet floor plan options tenants have.
My personal favorite option, the one I picked for myself, is the A Loft.  True, I had to debate it.  The floor plan options at Gramercy are fabulous and there’s something there for everybody.  From the one-bed, one-bath snug 645-feet option to the bigger 2-bed, 2-bath places, there’s just something awesome here, and it’s called choice.
Speaking of choice, Gramercy also offers a variety of choices in the area to dine at and pick up a great meal.  My favorite place is a place down the street. It’s called the Blue Fish and you can get a great meal there.  It’s a lot like Gramercy in that way … there are lots of choices, but you always do well no matter what you pick.  The Ahi Tower comes highly recommended, but what I appreciate most is you can deviate from sushi if you want.
But getting back to home living, my favorite floor plan is the A Loft.  Taking a tour of the place for the first time, I walked in the front door and was immediately presented with a laundry closet and a gigantic storage area … highly convenient to have close to the front door.
We walked past the office nook into the spacious kitchen and admired the furnishings there, before continuing our tour through the living room, and I must say the view from the living area is wonderful.  From there it was on to the bedroom, and by that point, I was sold.  This was a great layout for a single guy like me.  Perfect, really.
So please consider telling your friends to consider Gramercy On The Park if they have need of luxury apartments for rent in Dallas, Texas.  It’s really the best choice, and within the best choice there are tons of other choices. 

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