How rock solid is this kitchen? Granite.

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I couldn’t find what I needed to find.  Basically, it was a burrito.  I live at Gramercy On The Park, where the best luxury apartments for rent in Dallas, Texas are located. If you’re reading this blog you may (probably) have already heard of it
But anyway, I wanted a burrito. A specific burrito … a Freebirds burrito.  Yeah, I know there are tons of locations.  I was looking for the one on Belt Line Road.  And I just couldn’t find it.  This is on me … I could get lost in a paper bag.  But still, the important thing is I couldn’t find Freebirds.
So I decided to make my own version.
After a quick jaunt to the grocery store, I laid out my assembly line of fresh ingredients in my spacious, beautiful kitchen and went to work.  My boyfriend teases me about prep work all the time … I’m always trying to cut corners by doing things like buying pre-cut veggies.  I’m not sure he understands how much time goes into these things.  So do you know what I did? I put HIM to work cutting veggies this time, on our hard, granite counters. Did I mention those granite counters are throughout the kitchen as well as on our GOURMET kitchen island. It's just a wonder that I get to cook in a kitchen as beautiful as this, but like I said, I had someone else do the cooking this time. 
Well I’ll hand it to him (and the granite counters); he did a good job.  In no time we had neat individual bowls of tomato, avocado, onion, cilantro, jalapeno spread out all over the counters … anything you could want on a tasty burrito.
And the burritos WERE tasty, my friend.  Delicious, and homemade: I was impressed with us.
Gramercy On The Park has every perk you could want from luxury apartments for rent in Dallas, Texas.  And when Freebirds is closed (or when you can’t find it like me), those granite countertops are possibly the best perk of all.

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