Freshen Your Closet With a Sip and Swap Party

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Folded ClothesDo you feel like you have nothing to wear even though your closet is literally overflowing with clothes? Well, you're probably not alone. It's likely that many of your friends also feel this way about their closets. You could, of course, just do a complete purge and go shopping for a new wardrobe. But that could be very costly. Or you could host a sip and swap party for your friends. 

What is a Sip and Swap?

It's a fun gathering where you invite your besties over to trade clothing they no longer want while enjoying a drink or two. And it's actually a win-win for everyone involved. Party-goers can clean out their closets while adding new clothing to their wardrobe. Since this is an informal gathering, it's okay to invite people via email, an electronic party invitation service or by creating a Facebook group.  

What to Serve

Remember, this is a "sip" and swap, so you'll want to make sure to offer plenty of beverages to sip on, including wine, beer, sodas, and water. You may also want to offer a few appetizers, or ask your guests to each bring a snack to share. 

Set Rules  

To ensure that your party runs smoothly, you will need to set some basic rules, such as: 

  • All items must be clean.
  • Clothing must be in good shape. There should be no rips, stains, broken zippers or missing buttons.
  • Each person should bring a minimum number of items to the party. You don't want a person showing up with one item and then helping themselves to several articles of clothing. 

You will also need to decide how you want to deal with any leftover items of clothing. Some hosts will ask the party attendees to take their unwanted items back home. Another option is to tell attendees that any unwanted items will be donated to a favorite charity.

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