How to Welcome a New Pet to Your Apartment

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Puppy With ToyHaving a pet at home can be a wonderful addition. At Gramercy on the Park Apartments, we are a pet-friendly community. However, bringing a new pet home can be a bit overwhelming for everyone involved. You want your pet to feel comfortable and to relax, but for this to happen, you need to encourage good behavior and an anxiety-free living space.

How to Bring Your Pet Home

It doesn’t have to be a challenge to welcome a new pet to your apartment if you plan for it. Here are a few simple steps to take to make it a success.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Make your home more pet-friendly. Be sure your pet has space they can call its own. For example, select a corner for a bed or a place for your pet to retreat. If you plan to use a kennel for your pet, select an area that’s welcoming.

Keep Your Pet Busy

Small toys, even intellectually challenging toys, can help to enrich your pet’s life. You will want to choose a few toys that allow your pet to remain physically active, too. Choose a cat tower, for example, for your kitten. You may wish to choose a few rolling and tossing toys for your puppy.

Establish Toileting Early

Create a plan for your pet using the bathroom early on. Then, stick with it. All new pets need to go through a transition phase. But, if you invest the time in getting it right from the start, your pet will benefit for years to come.

Exercise Outside

For many puppies and dogs, outside play is a must. Plan a daily walk or a play at the park. Some people enjoy taking their cats outside, too. Be sure to leash all pets for their safety.

When you take these steps, you can welcome a pet to your home with ease. They will love their new home as much as you.

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