Creating Tall Spaces for Your Apartment Cat

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KittenYour cat needs to climb, that’s just a fact, but when living in a Dallas, Texas, apartment, it might be hard to arrange. It takes a little thinking outside the litter box to create a high space that gives your fur baby what it needs. Consider some ideas that will make both you and your cat happy.

Wall Shelves

They are not just for knickknacks anymore. Set up some well-anchored floating wall shelves and leave them empty. Your cat will take ownership before you know it. Don’t position the shelves too close to the ceiling, though. The cat will get a concussion trying to jump. Also, consider setting the shelves up in step format so your feline friend can start on the bottom one and move up the wall.

The Basket Trick

Have you noticed that cats have a thing for baskets? You can put that to use if you have a high bookcase or a built-in shelf unit. Your job is pretty simple: Just find a beautiful, chic-looking basket—one that looks like a nice feline hiding place—and strategically place it on the top shelf away from other stuff.

What About a Bookcase?

Go out and get one that you can consider cat furniture. You can tuck it away in a corner for kitty to play on and to provide tall sleeping spaces.

Set Up a Corner Hammock

You’ve seen those cute cat hammocks, right? Well, how about placing one in the corner about two-thirds of the way up the wall. You and the family can sit and watch TV while the cat oversees the operation from above. Take care to anchor the hammock well or buy a free-standing unit.

Go the Classic Route

There is no reason creating tall spaces for your cat has to be complicated. How about the traditional cat tree? They provide kitty a place to scratch those claws and climb when the mood hits. Most have little beds at the top for one or ten naps a day, too.

If you and your cat are looking for a new apartment in Dallas, Texas, give us a call to get a tour.

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