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How to Keep Indoor Cats Happy and Avoid Messes

Cats pretend they don't need much attention. While your indoor cats may be aloof and independent, it doesn't mean they aren't going to act out as soon as they believe you are ignoring them. Dallas, TX apartments with happy cats living inside have an environment that offers adequate food, toys, exercise and sleeping areas.  Keep Your…

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4 Must-Have Cat Toys for Your Dallas Apartments

Cats need to play several times a day to fulfill their instinct to hunt, pounce and tackle. Keeping cats entertained prevents them from feeling bored and destructive — and helps keep them at a healthy weight. You can keep your cat playing to his heart’s content at your apartments in Dallas with the four following toys. Tree A…

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How to Welcome a New Pet to Your Apartment

Having a pet at home can be a wonderful addition. At Gramercy on the Park Apartments, we are a pet-friendly community. However, bringing a new pet home can be a bit overwhelming for everyone involved. You want your pet to feel comfortable and to relax, but for this to happen, you need to encourage good…

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