4 Must-Have Cat Toys for Your Dallas Apartments

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Cat with ToysCats need to play several times a day to fulfill their instinct to hunt, pounce and tackle. Keeping cats entertained prevents them from feeling bored and destructive — and helps keep them at a healthy weight. You can keep your cat playing to his heart’s content at your apartments in Dallas with the four following toys.


A cat tree gives your cat an area to climb and perch high above the family. Get one that has many different levels and hiding spots for your cat to enjoy. Encourage him to scurry up and down the tree by sprinkling each level with a small amount of catnip.


Teaser toys look like fishing poles that have a toy attached to the end for your cat to chase. As you run the toy back and forth across the floor, your cat will wildly chase it around. Allow your cat to catch the toy every once in a while to keep him interested. As your cat becomes more and more athletic, consider running the teaser toy up the side of the cat tree to increase the difficulty of this game.


When given soft fabric mice to play with, cats will fling the toy in the air and run after it, over and over again. These toys can keep your cat running and playing on his own all throughout the day. If your cat gets bored with the mice, punch a few holes in a small cardboard box and place them inside. Your cat will delight in snatching the mice out of the box, making the game new again.


When you really want your cat to run around your Dallas apartment, bring out the laser pointer for some fun. Your cat will have a blast chasing the red dot around the room and even up walls. Make sure to allow your cat to catch the laser by throwing a mice toy at the dot every now and then.

As you keep your cat entertained with these fun toys, you will help protect your pet's physical and mental well-being. Give yourself the best in Dallas apartment living as well by inquiring about an apartment upgrade with a call to our team at 866-350-7648.

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